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What is Tradavo?
Tradavo is a special market retail services company that has created a powerful online marketplace to bring retailers, distributors and manufacturers together on one online platform to do business. We have built a network of qualified, local and national distributors and offer their wide assortment of food, beverage and sundry items on our easy to use online ordering platform.

Tradavo's ordering platform allows managers to order their inventory from multiple distributors via one online interface with one invoice to reconcile, and centralized customer service instead of faxing and calling distributors or going off site to shop at wholesale clubs and grocery stores.

Tradavo pulls together hundreds of distributors, puts all their products online in an easy to navigate format, and ships products directly to the property for free!  One site, one order, free shipping! Tradavo makes supplying a retail operation a fast and easy, one-stop solution.

Is Tradavo a distributor?
No. We are a special market retail services company that has negotiated advantageous pricing and terms with a variety of distributors to offer the products managers need in one place with all the convenience of online ordering.

All shipments come directly from the individual distributors with preferred terms such as low ordering minimums and free delivery as negotiated by Tradavo on behalf of our clients. Most products are shipped UPS/FedEx. Ice cream and frozen foods are delivered by qualified local distributors.

What kind of properties do you serve?
Tradavo serves all special market retailers - any small format retail operation that functions within a non-retail industry. For example, hotel pantries are a small convenience store that functions within the hotel industry. We also service campground stores, general stores, front end retail needs, corporate break rooms and client appreciation needs, pharmacies, and concession stands. 

What types of products does Tradavo currently offer?
Tradavo partners with 80+ local and national distributors to offer the widest assortment of convenience style retail inventory including: wholesale snacks, candy, ice cream, frozen foods, sundries, and travel items. We are adding categories and products regularly and specialize in products most often carried by markets, pantries, gift shops, and convenience stores.

Do you offer a billing program?
Yes! Many of our clients are management companies and franchise owners who prefer billing. Tradavo offers a billing option to all major chains and partnered corporate groups. Like everything else we do, registering for this program is online, fast and easy, and can be done instantly when placing your first order. Independent retailers must submit a credit application for approval.

What types of minimums are required?
Tradavo has negotiated extremely low minimums with its distribution partners. Minimums vary by category and range from $25 for non-perishable food items to $200 for products requiring special delivery processes such as ice cream and frozen food products. Mechanical Servants line of Convenience Valet sundries, single-serve OTC products, and convenience items now offers a low $75 minimum with flat rate shipping and $150 minimum for free shipping.

How does the free shipping work?
Once the ultra-low free-shipping minimums are met, shipping is 100% free. Guaranteed. Mechanical Servants offers flat rate shipping options with lower minimums for small properties who cannot meet the $150 minimum for free shipping.


What should I do if I lost my user name/password?
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