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Commonly Asked Questions

When is the best time to place my order? The best time to place your order is typically on a Friday or Saturday; anticipating that your order will ship at the beginning of the following week.

How can I confirm my order? After placing your order, both you and the primary contact on your account will receive confirmation emails. You can also log into Tradavo, click the "Account" button, then select "View Purchase History". Clicking the order number will display details such as line items and tracking.

How long is processing and shipping? Orders are typically processed within 48 hours followed by 1-4 business days of shipping. The cut-off for same-day processing is 12pm MT. If an order is frozen, refrigerated or risks melting and cannot arrive prior to Saturday, the items will be held in a climate-controlled facility and ship the following Monday. Sundry and Specialty Store products often require longer processing.

How will my products arrive? Depending on the variety of products you have ordered, you may receive several deliveries by FedEx or UPS containing your items.

Why are my products arriving in multiple shipments? We do this to ensure all products are delivered as soon as possible. You will no longer need to wait for shipments because certain items are held up!

What if some of my shipment is damaged? Once you receive a shipment, please inspect the products and contact our Support Team immediately of there is any issue. Packages with items that are perishable will be marked accordingly, Please open perishable packages as quickly as possible.

Are my products guaranteed? All items from Tradavo come with a 21-day freshness guarantee from the day of delivery. Consider your occupancy rates and only purchase what you will be able to sell within a three-week period!