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introducing a way to

Unlock The Value In Your Lobby

Managed Retail TM Guarantees Optimal Revenue Results Within Your Underutilized Square Footage On An Ongoing, Sustainable Basis While Increasing Your GSS.


Implementing Managed Pantry with Visuality Checkout can:


2-3 additional rooms
improve guest satisfaction
50% profit margins


VISUALITY TM Is Our Window Into Your Retail Operations

Intuitive & User Friendly, your personalized, Visuality touchscreen app gives Tradavo remote visibility into your daily retail operations enabling the success of Managed Retail TM.   

VISUALITY TM is built on images, not numbers or barcodes, making for a simple, user friendly and foolproof platform.

Marketing Solutions
  • Increased Retail Visibility
  • Promotional Material For Speciality Products
  • Healthy/Local Choices Awareness
Standard Operating Procedures
  • Inventory Management
  • Streamlined Hotel PMS Processes
  • Best Practices For Retail Operators
Onsite Installation & Training
  • Merchandising and organization of lobby retail and stockroom areas
  • Full staff training
  • 3-5 Days with one of our Managed Retail TM Specialists
  • Ongoing Training
Custom Product Procurement
  • Category Management & Custom Product Selection based on:  
    1.  ADR
    2. Guest Profile
    3. Location
  • Personalized Local/Fresh options sourced by the Tradavo F&B Team
  • Utilizes proprietary, Tradavo industry data to build a profitable retail operation.
  • Automated Inventory Level Management And Wholesale Replenishment Delivered On A Weekly Basis
  • Complete Vendor Management:  
    1.  Contract Negotiations
    2. Mis-Ship Resolution
    3. Pricing Bids
Live Optimization & Reporting
  • Product Selection Adjustments Based On Performance
  • Pricing Adjustments
  • Shipping Analysis
  • Live Reporting Dashboard:  
    1. Daily/Monthly Sales
    2. Sales By Category
    3. Discounts
    4. Best Sellers
    5. Inventory Snapshots


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