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Posted by Natalie Fehn

Tue, Sep 26, 2017 @ 08:09 AM

"...[Tradavo changes] are increasing their volumes so drastically ($15k/month to $24k/month)"

From:  Senior Manager, Continental Lodging Services

To:  Senior Manager, Retail Food & Beverage

Subject:   Increase in Retail Sales from Tradavo Makeover

"I think you would find this interesting; we had a call with Newark Airport today (I recall you helped them with their Market as we were looking to support their pick-up station for Fresh Bites). We chatted with them and the Tradavo additions to the space as well as the retail shelf that we helped them build out in front of the market have brought upwards of $9,000 in additional retail sales each of the last two months. The team there thinks it is a mix of new offerings, the visibility of the shelf in the lobby that draws the eye to the space, and the microwave they added that are increasing their volumes so drastically ($15k/month to $24k/month!). Thank you for your help getting them upgraded!"


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