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F&B Trends in your market

Posted by Brittany Estes

Fri, Jul 10, 2015 @ 13:07 PM

Trends that matter in your market

We all know that trends come and go, especially on the food and beverage side of Hospitality.  A recent article in Hotel News Now focuses on F&B trends stating,

"A big part of maximizing food-and-beverage revenue at your hotel comes down to identifying and investing in trends that have staying power. Staying ahead of the curve when it comes to dining and drinking trends gives your restaurant relevance as a neighborhood destination, not just a choice for guests."

We couldn't agree more! But keeping up with F&B trends should extend beyond your restaurants and into your markets, pantries and gift shops.  Guests expect to see similar food in your markets as in your restaurants, creating a comprehensive experience that seems to flow effortlessly between all your F&B outlets. 

That is why our team here at Tradavo is constantly staying up-to-date on all F&B trends, from local gourmet snacks to the gluten free movement sweeping across the country - we try and incorporate these aspects into our customers markets. Below are a few trends we believe are here to stay:

Gluten Free Items 

A surge of guests have been bombarding hotels F&B outlets requesting items without gluten. Everything from breakfast bagels to drinks at the bar, those gluten conscious customers want to ensure they can get these specialty products and meals wherever they travel.  We have introduced some new lines of gluten free products to help attend to these customers needs, including cookies, chips, and even jerky.  Click here to see our full list of Gluten Free Items.


According to Baum & Whiteman, International Food & Restaurant Consultants "Pistachios are the nut of the year [2015]." There are some obvious reasons pistachios are hitting it big this year, they have good for you fat, about 3 grams of Fiber per serving, may reduce the risk of heart disease, and of course they are delicious. Tradavo proudly carries the full line of Wonderful Pistachio Brand, click here to see our different flavor and sizes.

Japanese Snack Foods

Crazy flavors combine to make some really tasty treats, including Sriracha Flavored Kettle Chips and Garlic Lemon Jerky.  Millennials are on the leading edge of this trend - always looking for something new and exciting to blitz their ever changing taste pallets. Pulling these fun flavors into your market can show your guests that your hotel is catering to their 

Want to know other food trends that we can add to your market, contact our retail design team at 888.205.5920 Option 3 or click below for a market refresh.