Products and Categories


Tradavo offers the widest assortment of convenience store type inventory customized for hotel pantries, general stores, convenience stores, front end retail and other special market retail operations. The list offered below is a general summary of best selling items and does not reflect the complete assortment available to registered users. To see a complete list or view prices, please register for a free account! 

Beverages - Coke Products, Pepsi, Products, Red Bull, IZZE, Rockstar, Special K Protein Water and a variety of other popular drinks and drink mixes.

Breakfast - Single-serve cereals, single serve oatmeal, Pop Tarts, breakfast bars, granola, protein bars from Nestle, Kellogg's, Clif and more

Candy - A wide variety of popular candy, mints and gum including Tic Tacs, Altoids, Haribo, Twizzlers, Skittles, Rice Krispy Treats and more from Nestle, Wrigley and many others

Chocolate - The widest assortment of popular chocolate bars in regular and king-size including Snickers, Milky Way, Twix, M&Ms and much, much more from M&M/Mars, Nestle and many others

Chips - All major brands and flavors including Frito Lay's Doritos, Lays,  Fritos and Cheetos. A variety of Pringles-to-Go flavors. Specialty brands also available such as , Kettle Brand, Terra Chips, and Boulder Chips. Popular Frito Lay products are available in the QuickFill program and receive free 1-2 day express delivery!

Cookies - All the sweet-tooth favorites including Oreo's, Nutter Butter's, Nilla Wafers, Chips Ahoy and many more from Kraft, Nabisco and many others

Crackers - The perfect late night snack: Wheat Thins, CheezIts, Saltines, Ritz and much more from Kraft, Nabisco and many others

Electronics - Wide assortment of batteries, single-use cameras, and convenient travel electronics from Duracell, Kodak and other leading brands

Frozen FoodsPopular microwaveable meals for busy guests including Stouffers, Lean Cuisine and Hot Pockets from Nestle as well as California Pizza Kitchen and Di Giornio personal pan pizzas

Gourmet Chocolates - All of the top gourmet brands including Lindt, Godiva, Toblerone, Ghirardelli, Ritter Sport, Chocolove, Manner Vienna and many more

Ice Cream - Wholesale Ben and Jerry's, Breyer's, Haagen Dazs, Edy's/Dreyers, Nestle

Quick MealsCampbell's Soup in Hand, Kraft Mac & Cheese, Chef Boyardee, Taco Bell Microwaveables, Healthy Choice from Campbell, Progresso and many others

Campbell's Soup at Hand Microwaveables, Healthy Choice, Nisson Asian Noodles, Mr. MacDougals Vegan

Nuts , Mixes and Snack Packs
Nuts of all size and flavors, plus a wide variety of beef jerkey snacks, corn nuts, popcorn, pretzels from Jack Links, Oberto, Planters and many others

SundriesSingle serve, blister packed OTC medicines and last minute, travel sized toiletries including Advil, Excedrin, Bayer, Claritin, Visine and Cover Girl. We are also the exclusive online ordering platform for Mechanical Servants' entire line of Convenience Valet sundries, and the Marriott Hotel exclusive ETC line (ETC products are available only to Marriott properties).


The entire Tradavo assortment is provided with full product descriptions, images, recommended retail pricing and more to make your online ordering experience as quick and easy as possible!