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Tradavo offers a convenient online ordering platform - where you can purchase all the items for your pantry or gift shop.  In addition to our products, we also have design and merchandising services.

Let us set up your retail store for maximum retail success so you can focus on what you do best: Hospitality!

Why Tradavo?

  • Easy Online Ordering
  • 7,000+ Products
  • Widest variety of ice cream and frozen dinners
  • Nationwide delivery to every zip code in the 48 US
  • Deep Hotel Retail Expertise
  • Complimentary Retail Services to Increase Revenue and Profitability
  • No more trips to Costco.
  • No more faxing distributors.
  • No more hassle!


Tradavo Contacts

Phone: 888.205.5920


Fax: 800.601.8978

For Customer Support, Press 1 
For Accounting, Press 2 
For Retail Design, Press 3
For Corporate Sales & Marketing, Press 4 
For all other inquiries, Press 1  

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